Anyone know what would be analogous to `$.Release....
# kubernetes
Anyone know what would be analogous to
from helm, in Pulumi?
is that a helm variable?
yeah - it's just a tracking variable that increments for each Release that goes out that isn't a rollback.
I wasn't sure if Pulumi had some deterministic way of assigning an invocation/release/unique ID or if I should just write my own for the scope of the entire run..
(for scope, I'm porting a native Helm chart that is utilizing this for generating the name of a
resource, so I need an alternative that can provide me with a unique-yet-consistent value for each run) I think I would be able to just use a random generated slug just fine, just wasn't sure..
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def random_id(length: int = 4) -> str:
    Generates a random n-length character hexidecimal ID that can be used for
    naming, annotating, labeling or tagging a deployment, namespace etc.

    charsets: str = string.ascii_lowercase + string.digits
    return "".join(random.choice(charsets) for _ in range(length))
so I made this