Hey Guys, I'm just wondering if you have any exper...
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Hey Guys, I'm just wondering if you have any experience of using pulumi with poetry. The installation of pulumi-azure-native is taking about 10m on a fresh build on CI with nothing to slow-down the process such as antivirus or anti-malware monitoring tools.
Hi Mohammad... we are using pulumi with poetry, but are not seeing this kind of behavior. Realize that is not very helpful other than to say it's not a fundamental issue with the package or poetry.
You’ll probably want to look at caching the virtualenv for Poetry as pulumi-azure-native is H U G E
Definitely second that... caching venv makes a huge difference. In our case, dropping the total pipeline execution time down from 7mins to 2.5mins. Still not sure why installing pulumi-azure-native would take 10 mins for ya though.