# general


02/23/2023, 3:42 AM
I'm getting really weird timeouts, slow downloads of plugins, other strange errors - is pulumi backend API having issues? It's definitely not my computer. Other files download fine. Same issues from multiple geographical locations, colleagues with different operating systems, etc. Happening both locally and in CI/CD
Credentials are 100% definitely set correctly. It randomly gives this on some resources and not on others.
Seems to be speeding up a bit but still very slow
Also, why is it downloading multiple different versions of the same plugin?
Have managed to get all plugins downloaded, can now do
pulumi preview
pulumi up
. But
pulumi refresh
is failing with a host of credential validation errors.


02/23/2023, 7:06 PM
Plugins are hosted on GitHub Releases and/or Amazon S3, backed by a CDN in either case. It looks like there may be some general internet reliability issue. Is CI/CD in the same region as you?