Hi, I would like to create an RDS cluster from a s...
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Hi, I would like to create an RDS cluster from a snapshot, but am receiving an error from Pulumi:
* creating RDS Cluster (restore from snapshot) (temp-cluster): InvalidDBInstanceState: The server state is not yet available
. My implementation to create the cluster is:
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const rdsCluster = new rds.Cluster('db-cluster', {
      clusterIdentifier: `temp-cluster`,
      engine: EngineType.AuroraPostgresql,
      engineMode: EngineMode.Provisioned,
      masterUsername: 'postgres',
      masterPassword: 'postgres',
      databaseName: 'postgres',
      snapshotIdentifier: <clusterSnapshotIdentifier>,
      vpcSecurityGroupIds: [vpcSecurityGroup.id],
Am I missing something necessary? Any help is appreciated!
could you open an issue? how was the snapshot created?
The snapshot was created from the AWS SDK, I'll check if the snapshot itself is the root of the issue, and I'll open an issue if I don't find anything
best to check if it’s a cluster snapshot rather than a regular db snapshot, but any info you can provide in the issue so we can reproduce it would be helpful
(ie the commands you ran to create the snapshot)
It's a cluster snapshot, I'm using the
to create it.
okay, an issue would be great in that case