# aws


03/01/2023, 3:01 PM
Hi, I recently added
publish: true
and a ProvisionedConcurrencyConfig to a lambda and now whenever it is deployed in Github Actions it times out due to:
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aws:lambda:Function (function-name):
      error: 1 error occurred:
      	* updating urn:pulumi:staging::infra-protected::aws:lambda/function:Function::function-name: 1 error occurred:
      	* while waiting for function (function-name-e55a050) update: ResourceNotReady: exceeded wait attempts
But the deploy has actually succeeded in deploying the lambda and the new version but since it times out here it doesn't update the version in the provisioned concurrency configuration. Is there a solution to this?
I may have found the problem, it's swallowing permission errors,
is needed and I'll see what else comes up