03/02/2023, 5:13 AM
Hi, I need to get the arn from an apigateway method. Can't seem to do this.
Error: routes does not exist on api.api
      on Pulumi.yaml line 69:
      69:   apiGatewayRoutes: ${api.api.routes}
    Existing properties are: body, name, policy, tags, urn and 14 others
Firstly how do I see what these "14 others" are? I'm using what appears to be aws crosswalk, for which there is very little documentation. This is my api definition
    type: aws-apigateway:RestAPI
        - target:
            uri: "http://${frontendBucket.websiteEndpoint}"
            type: http_proxy
          method: GET
          path: /
        - eventHandler: ${fn_rasd_fastapi}
          method: ANY
          path: /api/{proxy+}
        - eventHandler: ${fn_rasd_fastapi}
          method: ANY
          path: /api
      stageName: ${pulumi.stack}
In the aws apigateway console, I can click on the "ANY" method and see the ARN for the http_proxy request. I need to use this ARN in a bucket policy. But I cannot seem to see how to get this arn from within pulumi
This might be it
apiGatewayExecutionARN: ${api.api.executionArn}
It seems as though the aws crosswalk isusing the apigateway v1 (not v2) from the aws classic provider, not the aws-native provider.