Hey folks! I'm looking at setting up an <Event Hub...
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Hey folks! I'm looking at setting up an Event Hubs Namespace, and I noticed that it only lists
as sku options. You can make a
Event Hubs sku using the Cluster resource. The one that's missing is the Premium sku, and I'm not sure how to create an Event Hub Namespace on that sku. Is it as simple as setting the
strings to
, even though that's not listed as valid inputs for the
Hey @fast-vr-6049. I am not any kind of expert at all. But I'll give you an educated guess. ;) What I've found using the azure-native package is that if the ARM template for a resource accepts a certain value, and the corresponding Pulumi property isn't something like an enumeration (i.e. it's a string), then you can set that Pulumi property to the value that the ARM template accepts. If I'm working on a new type of resource for the first time and am not sure about anything, I'll create the resource exactly as I want it using the Azure portal (in something like a "research" resource group so it's easy to discard and won't conflict with the Pulumi program). Then in the portal I'll look at the ARM template for the resource. From there I can usually reason to what I should set the Pulumi property to. None of that is specific to an Event Hubs Namespace. Sorry.