I'm trying to disable k8s default provider on an e...
# kubernetes
I'm trying to disable k8s default provider on an existing stack. However i'm getting the following output:
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Error: Invoke: Default provider for 'kubernetes' disabled. 'kubernetes:yaml:decode' must use an explicit provider.
although i am passing an explicit provider to all k8s yaml resources. So i found there was a bug where the provider didn't propagate to some yaml functionalities: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-kubernetes/issues/1938 And that a fix was released in version
, however upgrading my provider to that version didn't solve the issue. I verified providers are on the right version using
pulumi export
and still the issue persist. @gorgeous-egg-16927 as the one who fixed this bug, do you have any idea what i might be missing here?
Which resource and language are you using? It’s possible that there’s still a bug for your particular combination, so I’d recommend filing an issue with more details if you’re still hitting this.
k8s.yaml ConfigFile & ConfigGroup. Typescript Which is the exact case in the issue i've mentioned, if i'm not mistaken.
@gorgeous-egg-16927 Should i file a new issue or are you able to guide me here how i might resolve this in my stack?
New issue, please. It’s been quite awhile since we’ve looked at that, so it will need some further investigation.
Sure, thanks 🙏