Hello friends, I'm just checking out Pulumi atm. I...
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Hello friends, I'm just checking out Pulumi atm. It looks like you have built some very nice tools ❤️ I have a confession to make however. In the demo video on the homepage, it seems that a config with an S3 bucket exposed as a website is queried for a
, but the entire URL is not returned (eg., nothing like "http://" at the beginning). This means it is not a URL, as no scheme is present. I find this a bit troubling... is this loose application of domain terms like "URL" par for the course, or just an outlier?
Thank you for the feedback, and welcome! I believe that refers to the variable name that was chosen to represent the property on the bucket, which IIRC is
. Probably just a momentary lapse on the part of the author. 🙂
yeah ok no sweat 😄 I'm kind of a freak for details so I had to ask 🙃