Whats the difference between: <Google Cloud (GCP) ...
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Whats the difference between: Google Cloud (GCP) Classic and Google Cloud Native ? Which one I supposed to be using? Will Google Cloud (GCP) Classic be moving to Google Cloud Native ?
I don't know but am going to make an assumption it's like aws and aws-native. There, the first one is built on top of the terraform provider, which means it's fairly complete but takes time to get new changes in from AWS. The second one is built directly against AWS (using some API thing that isn't the normal one and I don't really understand what it is) and so it is less complete but moves faster
For aws, the non-native is considered the main one that people should use. I enjoy pain and so I try to do everything with native and when something doesn't work, open a bug and fall back to the other provider. Partly this is because I like to support development efforts, but also because I figure in some number of years that'll be where they want us to go and so I might as well start there now. It's basically like a beta but not labeled that way.
(Oh, actually it is labeled that way. That appears to be the case for gcp-native as well)