Hi all. I have some stacks made like dev, tst, prd...
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Hi all. I have some stacks made like dev, tst, prd, for some projects, and others are under my org, so gurdips1/dev, gurdips1/tst, etc. Can I move stacks to the org model?
so you want to move stacks in your individual org to a collaborative org? do i understand correctly? is everything using the pulumi service?
Ok the confusion comes from here. I created a project today, see this output: Created project 'KillerGaming.Pulumi.GitHub' Please enter your desired stack name. To create a stack in an organization, use the format <org-name>/<stack-name> (e.g.
). stack name: (dev) gurdips1dev/prd Sorry, could not create stack 'gurdips1dev/prd': could not create stack: [404] Not Found: Organization 'gurdips1dev' not found stack name: (dev) gurdips1/prd Created stack 'gurdips1/prd'
If i look at my projects in the UI, I see:
in the left nav, what org is selected when you are viewing this list?
and if you do
pulumi about
what orgs does it list?
okay so this
is saying the org name is
which is not ur org name looking at the ui
youd want
i think if i understand what ur trying to do
and youll want to have already created the project
Ah gurdips1 is my org name. I think the command I typed, I accidentally typed gurdips1dev. But what I am thinking is all my stacks are in the org account, not personal.
as it's a little messy having projects in both accounts?
you can bulk transfer from from the stacks list page in your individual org
there should be a transfer button on that page up at the top
ah yes I found it! Does this not need any code changes in the app?
ie the stack yaml files
it shouldnt require you to change anything in code
ok cool, thanks so much!
one more quick quesiton. I am looking at policies (crossguard0. Can this work with any resource provider?
yes, i believe so but youd have to write your own policies, i think we only have policies written for the core providers. let me double check this with folks though.
ah yeah, i see examples for aws, azure, gcp and kubernetes. I was thinking GitHub policies in my case.
confirmed: policies are supported for all packages.