Hi all, I am setting up my first CICD pipeline for...
# getting-started
Hi all, I am setting up my first CICD pipeline for Pulumi (Well the CD bit with Octopus!) .Everything looks good but I get this error: Selecting stack gurdips1/KillerGaming.Infrastructure.RabbitMQ/global April 8th 2023 011051 Fatal Stack gurdips1/KillerGaming.Infrastructure.RabbitMQ/global does not exist. April 8th 2023 011051 Fatal The action Run Pulumi Preview on GLOOCTWRK01-Tentacle failed I can sign in, so that i fine. I am confused on stack naming. The Octopus step says it should be fully qualified witrh org and project names. My stack name is gurdips1/global ( i checked with a pulumi command).
I got a reply from @brainy-church-78120 or @brainy-caravan-45245 , I aw it on my phone but can't find it in here? Could it be posted again?
I posted something but then deleted because it was for GitHub actions not octpus deploy. might be worth trying just org-name/stack-name though.
ah gotcha!
let me try now! I think I tried this
Same thing. Both the stack name if I do pulumi stack ls, and whats configured in Octopus, is gurdips1/global
The authentication is fine, so it's not that. 😕
hmm, k. I haven't used octopus before, but can give it a try tomorrow and let ya know.
sure. although all Octopus is doing is running a cli command really. I can try it with commands on the octopus server, in theory it should fail too.
hang on ive found a lead.
I noticed that hte dotnet sdk is not installed on the server running the octopus task. In addition, I did a publish of the pulumi program and then created a nupkg. I believe I just need the raw csproj and its files