04/16/2023, 1:38 PM
hetzner network provider - problems with waiting for the creation
i have the following code i would expect to a network + a subnet i execute everything at the same time i get the error message:
error: Preview failed: diffing urnđŸ˜›ulumi:test:đŸ˜›ulumi-test::hcloud:index/networkSubnet:NetworkSubnet::foonet: value is not known
when i create the network first, and only afterwards add the code for the subnet in a second pulumi up everything works as expected.
const provider = new hcloud.Provider("hcloudProvider", {
    token: hcloudToken,

const mynet = new hcloud.Network("mynet", {ipRange: ""}, {provider});

const foonet = new hcloud.NetworkSubnet("foonet", {
    networkId: as any,
    type: "cloud",
    networkZone: "eu-central",
    ipRange: "",
}, {provider, dependsOn: [mynet]});
any one has a good ressource to understand this error better?


04/17/2023, 1:03 AM
best to file an issue for things like thios