Hi all, We keep getting this error in further atte...
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Hi all, We keep getting this error in further attempts to update our infrastructure:
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2023-04-17T23:44:41.1995825Z [90m23:44:41[0m[90m [[0m[97;1mDBG[0m[90m] [0m-- kubernetes:<http://apiextensions.k8s.io/v1:CustomResourceDefinition|apiextensions.k8s.io/v1:CustomResourceDefinition> <http://azureassignedidentities.aadpodidentity.k8s.io|azureassignedidentities.aadpodidentity.k8s.io> deleting original error: '<http://azureassignedidentities.aadpodidentity.k8s.io|azureassignedidentities.aadpodidentity.k8s.io>' timed out waiting to be Ready[0m
At the first attempt we only had this error:
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2023-04-17T22:29:50.9776370Z [90m22:29:50[0m[90m [[0m[97;1mDBG[0m[90m] [0m-- kubernetes:<http://helm.sh/v3:Release|helm.sh/v3:Release> tplat-neu-003-nginx-ingress-controller-router deleting original error: uninstall: Release not loaded: nginx-ingress-controller-router: release: not found
any suggestions on how to investigate further here?
I don't have an answer to your problem, but one solution is to move to Workload Identity, which is the replacement for Pod Identity, and is now GA