How do I get `pulumi refresh` to use the latest co...
# getting-started
How do I get
pulumi refresh
to use the latest configuration values? I have a
that recently expired and I am trying update the stack, I've run the "recovering configuration" steps in a new folder and running
config get databricks:token
does show the correct token so I'm not sure why refresh is using the old config value
I've called the databricks API manually with the token to confirm it works. I've also tried running with --verbose 10 but getting no extra output
There appears to be a token on the Databricks provider resource, I suspect this is where the old token is cached. How can I update it?
I’m unsure how to help with the Databricks issue, but to see the logs when setting verbose logging have you looked in or your OS temp directory? There should be a symlink named pulumi.INFO pointing at the logs for the most recent run. That is unless you re adding
--logtostderr --logflow
flags to your command, see the docs for more options