`pulumi preview`/`pulumi up` are both giving incon...
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`pulumi preview`/`pulumi up` are both giving inconsistent previews. I’ll run
pulumi preview
and it will say that I have 1 resource to delete from AWS, and then I’ll run it a few seconds later and it will report that 7 resources need to be deleted. Then I’ll run it again and there will be a completely different set of resources it wants to delete. This is all without me making any changes the the underlying resource definitions at all. Interestingly this is only happening with
resources — my other resource types don’t seem to be impacted. My state is local in
and I’m on pulumi version 3.67.1 on MacOS. Any suggestions on what might be going on?
are you creating resources inside an
@red-match-15116 No, not here.
Are you seeing different resources change when running
pulumi refresh
Are the URNs for these resources that show up for deletion static or dynamic?
@elegant-window-55250 Yes, it appears so.
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~ aws:glue/catalogTable:CatalogTable: (update) 🔒
      + partitionIndices : []
pulumi refresh
actually wants to update all of my Glue Tables with
update     [diff: +partitionIndices]
— but in all cases they appear to be an empty array. It also wants to refresh a bunch of other resources. All look to be minor things on that front.
@microscopic-lock-66960 They are all static URNs