Is there a way to reset the passphrase secret prov...
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Is there a way to reset the passphrase secret provider? I've played around a bit with
and ended up in an inconsistent state. Now, I'd like to completely reset the secrets. I wouldn't mind re-entering the secrets, so that could be lost. This is just in a dev environment, so I might as well delete everything. But I'm curious if there is a better way to fix this.
Just run
pulumi stack change-secrets-provider passphrase
again and it will prompt for the current passphrase and then a new passphrase. You have to run it on every stack in the project though.
Thanks! Unfortunately I don’t have that password. When playing around with that stack I didn’t save it, because I thought its only used in the config.yml. I thought just reverting that would be fine. Unfortunately it seems the salt or some kind of derived key is stored in the state stored in the pulumi backend as well
Ah, if you don't know the current passphrase that is more difficult. If you have access to the state file (i.e. you're using the local backend or an s3/azure backend) you could potentially remove the secrets provider config from the
file, but I don't know what implications that has.
Unfortunately I am using the pulumi cloud backend.
I mean, destroying it is just fine. I’m just curious what would be necessary if that happened with prod