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# pulumiverse
@elegant-window-55250 @busy-journalist-6936 @many-telephone-49025 @cuddly-flower-91328 one of the aims for Pulumiverse is to deliver artefacts in a shared maintainer model. We didn’t closely follow up on that so far. For example, for the Buildkite provider, we didn’t notice there were no maintainers for the moment. This issue went unnoticed as a result: https://github.com/pulumiverse/pulumi-buildkite/issues/23 Given no response on this issue, the author went ahead and created his own provider and wanted to submit it to the Pulumi Registry: https://github.com/pulumi/registry/pull/2620 I offered him the maintainership of our buildkite provider. It is on us to review the maintenance of the providers and call for help if other repositories do not have the adequate set of people looking after it.
This is the PR to get the Buildkite provider back to maintained status. Please review and approve: https://github.com/pulumiverse/infra/pull/66
I’ll make some time to go through this week and get more of a lay of the land