Morning :wave: we're using the pulumi EKS library ...
# kubernetes
Morning 👋 we're using the pulumi EKS library to wrap our own library around and hitting an issue with the ALB ingress controller, whereby more than one security group is tagged with
<${clusterName}|${clusterName}>: owned
, this prevents the reconciler from automatically provisioning requested ingress, due to the target group bindings not being able to assign a default SG. I've had a browse through: • and also tried managing the security groups myself to control the tags applied, and can never seem to get below 3 SG's with the tags present. Obviously we can supply SGs to the ALB ingress controller via annotations but I'd quite like this to work automagically. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Cheers
This has been solved now. We were creating a nodegroupv2 resource, instead of just using the default node group. Now just adding something to programatically remove the eks created SG then we're good to go!