Hi guys Does anybody else also have issues with th...
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Hi guys Does anybody else also have issues with the crd2pulumi command and the traefik 2.10.x CRD release?
crd2pulumi --nodejs --nodejsName=traefik --nodejsPath=./lib/crds/traefik kubernetes-crd-definition-v1.yml --force
panic: fatal: An assertion has failed: duplicate file: traefik/v1alpha1/ingressRoute.ts
Original CRD file: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/traefik/traefik/v2.10.1/docs/content/reference/dynamic-configuration/kubernetes-crd-definition-v1.yml Thank you 👍 PS: I was able to fix it for me, with deleting the redundant stuff in the CRD file, but is that issue a bug at traefik or should crd2pulumi handle it correctly?
there are a few bugs in crd2pulumi, if you could file isses that’d be awesome
Sorry for my late answer, Sure. The current workaround was to use a local context, because we do not require any state management via Pulumi Cloud oder S3 Bucket. Because the state is managed by ArgoCD.