Hi all, new to pulumi. We've been having a mostly...
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Hi all, new to pulumi. We've been having a mostly great experience with pulumi. On two occasions our stack has developed a persistent error for any
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Grpc.Core.RpcException: Status(StatusCode="Unknown", Detail="Invalid asset encountered when unmarshaling resource property")
• The stack trace and logs do not indicate any specific resource that is tripping it up • Rolling back source does not resolve • The only workaround we found was to destroy the entire stack, which will be problematic once we're dealing with a production stack • Stack trace in the thread.
C# w/ azure-native + mongo provider
Searching around look like this one. Investigating further with FileAsset.
For posterity, this does seem to be azure-native specific relating to the Blob resource after a
pulumi refresh.
https://dev.azure.com/sbdinc/TRENDS/_wiki/wikis/TRENDS.wiki/4470/Pulumi-Error-Invalid-asset-encountered-when-unmarshaling-resource-property- Workaround is to comment out the blob,
pulumi up
, then restore the blob.