hey folks, having trouble deploying a lambda pytho...
# aws
hey folks, having trouble deploying a lambda python function to AWS and was curious to see if anyone had intuition about what could be occurring the lambda function is receiving it's source code from a s3 bucket where I have uploaded a zip file containing the lambda handler + dependencies. to specify where the function should download it's source code, I provide the s3bucket, s3key, and s3objectversion to the lambda function. However, whenever I am attempting to deploy a new version of the application, the lambda function is not picking up the new version of the object in s3. I can see that the plan for the update says both the bucket object and version attached to the lambda function will change, but when I run the plan only the object is updated and the function continues to point to the old version of the code. attaching a screenshot of the code (golang) for pulumi + output from
pulumi up
- hopefully someone has some ideas for what I can try out! 🙏
another thing I noticed is that in the pulumi dashboard, only the key / bucket are listed and the s3 version is not - seems to indicate that field is not passed through