Hi Folks, Hope you are doing well and fine, New t...
# getting-started
Hi Folks, Hope you are doing well and fine, New to Pulumi Cloud and was wondering if anyone has experience using Pulumi for Elastic Cloud : https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/ec/api-docs/deployment/ When we try to run the import for our current deployment in elastic cloud ,I see the error below :
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ec:index:Deployment (search):
    error: Preview failed: importing <DEPLOYMENT-ID>: {"error":"no handler found for uri [/api/v1/deployments/<DEPLOYMENT-ID>?convert_legacy_plans=false&show_metadata=false&show_plan_defaults=false&show_plan_history=false&show_plan_logs=false&show_plans=true&show_settings=false&show_system_alerts=5] and method [GET]"}
This error shows up both on ElasticCloud 8.8.2 and 7.17.11, my guess is - Pulumi Cloud is not compatible with the latest version of elastic , but I could be wrong, so wondering if anyone has any insights here ? Thank You!
@microscopic-student-42744 could you share your import command?
Sure here it is :
pulumi import ec:index/deployment:Deployment search 703f2b570b5c48f4a7af6a5d77816863
I am setting the
pulumi config set ec:endpoint
pulumi config set ec:apikey
as per suggested here : https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-ec There are two places for generating API keys in elasticcloud, I tried generating and using from both of the places, but doesnt seem to work, wondering if I am missing something