hey team, I'm having difficulties creating a GCP G...
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hey team, I'm having difficulties creating a GCP GCE and deploy an existing container image with it. I cannot find the corresponding pulumi configuration. Is it available?
If you’re deploying a GKE cluster and then want to deploy a workload, here’s the general structure/flow you’ll want to follow: 1. Create the GKE cluster (we have a template,
, you can use to help with this). 2. Use the Kubeconfig from the cluster created in step 1 to create a Kubernetes provider. 3. Use the Kubernetes provider created in step 2 to deploy your workload. The screenshot you posted would fall into step 3, where you’ll specify the Kubernetes details to deploy your containerized workload. Does that help at all?
I'm not deploy a kubernetes cluster. I'm deploying to compute engine.
Ah, I see. Apologies. Have a look at the
templates (used with
pulumi new
) for an idea of how to do that. Be aware: Google recently deprecated Container Registry and replaced it with Artifact Registry, so there are some changes that need to be made to those templates. I hope to get those changes merged in today before the US July 4 holiday hits.
Awesome. Thank you.