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07/22/2023, 3:47 PM
I posted this in #google-cloud but need some help asap - we have some resources down and I’m trying to help get this legacy stack resurrected without causing too much pain before we move to a new set of stacks that are fully updated. I am trying to import a resource by name from a gke cluster and having no luck (and the docs walk me in circles). It’s a namespace, but this I cannot seem to figure out the format and there is no
in the metadata. What am I missing here? I’m trying variants on
{ import: 'us-central1/production-8b36c46/namespaces/traefik' }
So I think I figured out a string that will work (I am specifying the kubernetes provider as well), it is
import: 'namespaces/traefik'
. BUT, it says:
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kubernetes:core/v1:Namespace (traefik):
    warning: inputs to import do not match the existing resource; importing this resource will fail
It is failing because our metadata doesn’t match? I’d rather not specify metadata, just name and import. I found open issues about this, and the requirement to specify basically all the details to import (which seems to defy the whole reason to import them by name)


07/22/2023, 9:35 PM
Might be easier to use the
pulumi import
command to import it and then use
to resync it. Just make a note of all the code
shows because you might need to set some of those fields to not trigger a replace.