Hello! I’m working on bridging a Plugin Framework ...
# package-authoring
Hello! I’m working on bridging a Plugin Framework terraform module, following the guide here. When I run
make tfgen
I’m getting this warning:
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warning: ProviderInfo.P should be nil for Plugin Framework based providers, populate NewProvider instead
Which seems to contradict the guide
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info := tfbridge.ProviderInfo{
        P:       pf.ShimProvider(<TODO fill in Terraform Provider from Step 1>),
I’m having trouble determining what the message means by “populate NewProvider instead”, that doesn’t seem to be a field on
, so I must be missing something here
Note that it doesn’t seem to be breaking anything, I’ve been able to generate the provider and SDKs successfully, and attempting to generate without
set on
results in a crash later on, so it seems like the warning is erroneous or perhaps out of date?
Maybe it is related to the breaking change described here https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/C04NPQTRKM4/p1686693598291189
That seems likely, the README I followed sets it up in this way (the new way) so I’m wondering of the warning is outdated after this change
It’s related to the breaking change as @big-architect-71258 guessed. We forgot to take that error out, please ignore it. I have opened https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-terraform-bridge/issues/1309 to track the fix.