I’m having some trouble using the `pulumi-tf-provi...
# package-authoring
I’m having some trouble using the
Release action https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate/blob/main/deployment-templates/release.yml, I’m getting this error:
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2023-07-28T16:58:19.2283364Z ##[group]Run actions/setup-node@v3
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2283630Z with:
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2283904Z   registry-url: <https://registry.npmjs.org>
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2284198Z   always-auth: false
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2284423Z   check-latest: false
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2284771Z   token: ***
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2284972Z env:
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2285288Z   GITHUB_TOKEN: ***
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2285798Z   NODE_AUTH_TOKEN: ***
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2286118Z   NPM_TOKEN: ***
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2286344Z   PUBLISH_NPM: true
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2286618Z   NPM_REGISTRY_URL: <https://registry.npmjs.org>
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2288001Z   PYPI_PASSWORD: ***
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2288239Z   PUBLISH_PYPI: true
2023-07-28T16:58:19.2288464Z ##[endgroup]
2023-07-28T16:58:19.4233625Z ##[group]Environment details
2023-07-28T16:58:20.3979012Z node: v18.17.0
2023-07-28T16:58:20.3979705Z npm: 9.6.7
2023-07-28T16:58:20.3980480Z yarn: 1.22.19
2023-07-28T16:58:20.3981387Z ##[endgroup]
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4065437Z ##[group]Run actions/download-artifact@v2
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4065701Z with:
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4065919Z   name: nodejs-sdk.tar.gz
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4066235Z   path: /home/runner/work/pulumi-prodvana/pulumi-prodvana/sdk/
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4066522Z env:
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4066880Z   GITHUB_TOKEN: ***
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4067201Z   NODE_AUTH_TOKEN: ***
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4067526Z   NPM_TOKEN: ***
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4067767Z   PUBLISH_NPM: true
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4068056Z   NPM_REGISTRY_URL: <https://registry.npmjs.org>
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4069430Z   PYPI_PASSWORD: ***
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4069655Z   PUBLISH_PYPI: true
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4069938Z   NPM_CONFIG_USERCONFIG: /home/runner/work/_temp/.npmrc
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4070215Z ##[endgroup]
2023-07-28T16:58:20.4655024Z Starting download for nodejs-sdk.tar.gz
2023-07-28T16:58:20.5098216Z ##[error]Unable to find any artifacts for the associated workflow
My read here is that the SDKs are not being built first, which makes sense, there’s nothing in
that builds them. But I wanted to double check I’m not missing something before adding a job to build the sdks.
Looking at the
make target, I don’t see anything that packages them up into a tarball, and I don’t see anything in the
action tarballs them either. I must be missing some step in the setup?
I had to revert to this version of release.yml in the template repo to get it working. I’m new to all the packaging, but I see that some of the first party Pulumi maintained packages have a
action that included uploading tarballed archives of the SDKs. Did the template repo get out of sync with some internal changes to the release flow?
Sorry to ping you directly @orange-policeman-59119 but thought you might want to know ^
Hey @bright-receptionist-28471 - we've been working on an alternative templating that might be a bit easier to start with. Would you mind kicking the tires on it? I think it'll get you started a bit more quickly, though the downside is that right now it configures GitHub workflows as if it were a repo in the Pulumi org (not too different from the release.yml you saw).
Hey @orange-policeman-59119 I have the setup working now, but I’m happy to try walking through the process with the new repo to give feedback if that’s helpful
We're looking to migrate away from repos to add some smarts to the boilerplates, as users need to select the appropriate bridge adapters for upstream providers using the TF SDK, TF Plugin Framework, or both. If you're interested, clone https://github.com/pulumi/ci-mgmt And in provider-ci, copy and edit one of the "wip/*.config.yaml" files appropriately to
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$ make bin/provider-ci
script shows how to invoke the tool - but it'll rm -rf a directory by default so I won't suggest you run it without looking. You'd run it like:
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./wip/test.sh $yourProviderName
And it should give you a complete repository a couple directories up, named
Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but I don’t see a
directory under
Ah, I neglected to tell you the branch. It's on the branch