[edit] It worked on retry but the error still happ...
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[edit] It worked on retry but the error still happened so I'm leaving it here for the sake of possible investigations [/edit] Hi there. I'm getting the following error:
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  pulumi:providers:synced-folder (default_0_10_2):
    error: Could not automatically download and install resource plugin 'pulumi-resource-synced-folder' at version v0.10.2, install the plugin using `pulumi plugin install resource synced-folder v0.10.2`: error downloading provider synced-folder to file: failed to download plugin: synced-folder-0.10.2: 403 HTTP error fetching plugin from <https://get.pulumi.com/releases/plugins/pulumi-resource-synced-folder-v0.10.2-linux-amd64.tar.gz>
It worked a few days ago so I guess there's something broken with the S3 permissions for