Is there any ETA on <Issue 466: >`pulumi up`<https...
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Is there any ETA on Issue 466: `pulumi up` fails on update when using resource outputs as inputs to other resources. I'm down across the board now for 2 days all envs dev/stage/prod.
Sharing in case it's helpful for your scenario while the team addresses the issue.
@straight-arm-50771 do you have any idea of what version this did work at?
I’ll add this to the ticket notes also, but the workaround isn’t applicable in my instance…. there’s two different resource types that were erroring on version 3.76.1 & 3.75.0. Our last working update was on 3.76.0.
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type: gcp:cloudfunctions:Function
output: httpsTriggerUrl

type: gcp:vpcaccess:Connector
output: id
FWIW, this was on Windows 11, WSL Ubuntu
reproduced this also on mac, 3.76.1
Thanks for the information. We have marked this issue as a P1, meaning an engineer will get to it in their next available cycle.