Has anyone run into any issues with `command.remot...
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Has anyone run into any issues with
stalling on execute but not all the time? I’ve had it succeed on first
pulumi up
but most of the time it stalls and continues to execute with no error. Cancelling the command then doing
pulumi up
again seems to solve it, but not sure what could be causing this behavior. This command typically takes 600 seconds to complete. “info” never gets updated, just shows the first echo in the script and nothing else. Code:
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const installECEmainVMshellScript = pulumi.interpolate`sudo su someuser -c "/ece-scripts/elastic-cloud-enterprise.sh install \
--host-storage-path /data/elastic \
--roles 'director,coordinator,proxy'"`

const installECEcommand = new command.remote.Command("initial ECE install", {
    create: installECEmainVMshellScript,