Hi, We have computers which are part of our corpor...
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Hi, We have computers which are part of our corporate network. We try to run a very simple C# Azure Pulumi stack. It seems something doesn't work when Pulumi tries to use az cli. It seems it's related to our machine setup (as everything works ok from home), but we cannot figure out what. Can anyone help ? Logs attached
The root cause is
could not determine az version: running az: exit status 1
“1” means authentication required. Did you run
az login
? If you did, maybe on the wrong Azure account? This SO question has some more hints, even though Terraform is not involved here.
yes, I've run az login and I can use az without any issues.
but thanks for the link, our setup has a self-signed certificate so I will try some of the hints from the link
Cool. I haven’t had the self-signed cert scenario yet myself so I’m curious what you find.
Sometimes .plugins directory can be monitored by anti-virus and cause problems. There is and env var to change the location.