I'm unable to disable the default providers, addin...
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I'm unable to disable the default providers, adding this to
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name: abc
runtime: nodejs
description: A minimal Kubernetes TypeScript Pulumi program
pulumi:disable-default-providers: ["*"]
I would like to force all resources to explicitly use a provider. But when I run
pulumi up
, it still uses the default provider, instead of producing an error message. Am I doing something wrong? Example code:
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const deployment = new k8s.apps.v1.Deployment("nginx", {
    spec: {
        selector: { matchLabels: appLabels },
        replicas: 1,
        template: {
            metadata: { labels: appLabels },
            spec: { containers: [{ name: "nginx", image: "nginx" }] }
}); // is missing explicit provider
@calm-action-78008 i think this only works at the stack level, so would need to be added to
That doesn't work either, unfortunately. I read that the feature is in "developer preview" (since 2020?) so maybe it's just not well-supported.
could you open an issue?