Today we started getting this error: qmcloud-prod...
# automation-api
Today we started getting this error: qmcloud-prod (via 'xxxxxxxxxx' token) — Auth Failure Organization Role — Aug 27, 2023, 121555 PMUser does not have required organization role "admin". Path: "/api/orgs/qmcloud-xxxx/teams/pulumi" The org token was not an admin and things were working fine so far / it seems like something has changed on the Pulumi side. has any body else who uses automation API seen this behavior?
Only admins are allowed to create teams. If you want to change this behavior, there is a setting under
Settings -> Access Management -> Team Permissions
that you can change to allow organization members to create teams:
Thanks Evan, / Does that apply to the org token too ? Anyways, this behavior has changed since yesterday as things were working fine till yesterday or may be day before. (or may be it was a bug in automation api that it allowed to create?)