Howdy, using @pulumi/cloud (Provider is AWS) how d...
# getting-started
Howdy, using @pulumi/cloud (Provider is AWS) how do I create a VPC
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const cloud = require("@pulumi/cloud");

let service = new cloud.Service("pulumi-nginx", {
    containers: {
        nginx: {
            build: "./app",
            memory: 128,
            ports: [{ port: 80 }],
    replicas: 1,

// export just the hostname property of the container frontend
exports.url = service.defaultEndpoint.apply(e => `http://${e.hostname}`);
Currently get this Error but would ideally want 1 vpc per stack: Error: invocation of awsec2/getVpcgetVpc returned an error: invoking awsec2/getVpcgetVpc: 1 error occurred: * no matching EC2 VPC found Update: solved I did
pulumi config set cloud-aws:usePrivateNetwork true
based of this code and it seems to be generating vpcs now