Hello, I'm new to infrastructure as code and would...
# getting-started
Hello, I'm new to infrastructure as code and would like to learn how Pulumi can help me get my idea to MVP. In short, we are going to sale (3 versions) preconfigured aws-instances and simplify the spinup process for our customers. Customers will then use our-webapp dashboard to access instances and obtain details of ssh and cloud metrics for performance monitoring. I already have aws account and have learned I will need various affordances for cloudformation, lambda functions and Iam provisioning. How should I approach Pulumi to test? I know this is a loaded question, I'm just trying to be as transparent as possible. Thanks for any advice in advance.
It sounds like there are a couple of different parts here. First, you’ll need to write Pulumi programs (in whatever language you prefer) to actually provision AWS resources (EC2 instances, Lambda functions, etc.). Second, you’ll want to look at the Pulumi Automation API to look at orchestrating/automating the use of the Pulumi programs that actually provision resources. Automation API would allow you to write a generic program that puts an API in front of Pulumi, for example. I hope this helps get you started on your testing!