It seems that the `build_nodejs` makefile target ...
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It seems that the
makefile target have been changed. When we upgrade our provider synced to a terraform provider, several dependencies are upgraded automatically, so the upgrade failed on my side. I need to go to pulumi-aws github repo to see the โ€œnewโ€ build_nodejs make target code block without the โ€œcp scripts/โ€ instruction. How can we have the information of breaking change? Thanks
Hi @thankful-match-46035 thanks for bringing this to our attention.
This is a change we failed to predict would be breaking, as providers inherit it through routine upgrade to pulumi/pulumi v3.80.0
We're currently affected also in pulumi-azure-native, let me circle back to you once I have fix there, and we can publish upgrade instructions in this channel. Apologies for the disruption!
thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
Please let me know if that's sufficient or I can help further.