So I've looked through these docs and a few others...
# getting-started
So I've looked through these docs and a few others: Is there a way to push an existing already built docker image to ECR from within pulumi JS/TS? (without using docker CLI) Edit: it's either this or how do I actually get the URI of the ECR image out of the js/ts file to use within CICD or do I literally have to do child_process exec and insert it that way lmfao I just want to take an existing image on the file system and push it to ECR, the URL of which comes from a js/ts file.
If you want to keep track of your upload in the Pulumi's stack/state, then maybe a LocalCommand could come in useful?
interesting!! thank you
Looking at the actual implementation of the
ecr bit may help clarify too::
is this due to pulumi's design inclination toward tracking dirty vs clean resources ?
implementation aside also trying to pick up on the overall design methodology
tyvm for all the input