Hi, I just started learning Pulumi. I am trying to...
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Hi, I just started learning Pulumi. I am trying to create an EC2 instance, but it is failing with "creating EC2 Instance: MissingInput: No subnets found for the default VPC". I checked AWS console and see the VPC have the subnet. I also tried passing the subnet_id directly in the call, but still getting the error. ec2_instance = ec2.Instance("web-server", ami="ami-053b0d53c279acc90", instance_type="t3.nano", key_name="test1", vpc_security_group_ids=[sg.id], tags = {"Name": "web"}, subnet_id = "subnet-03d7502aaa49932d8" ) Any help in providing some clues to resolve this issue greatly appreciated.
Perhaps you're executing against the wrong region?
Thanks Dan for looking into this. I did verified the region and availability zone, it is the same us-east1
Can you share the full program?
"""An AWS Python Pulumi program"""
import pulumi
from pulumi_aws import s3, ec2
# Create an AWS resource (S3 Bucket)
bucket = s3.Bucket('my-bucket')
# Export the name of the bucket
pulumi.export('bucket_name', bucket.id)
sg = ec2.SecurityGroup("web-server-sg", description="Test")
allow_ssh = ec2.SecurityGroupRule("AllowSSH", type="ingress",
from_port=22, to_port=22,
protocol="tcp", cidr_blocks=[""], security_group_id=sg.id)
allow_http = ec2.SecurityGroupRule("AllowHTTP", type="ingress",
from_port=80, to_port=80,
protocol="tcp", cidr_blocks=[""], security_group_id=sg.id)
allow_all = ec2.SecurityGroupRule("AllowAll", type="egress",
from_port=0, to_port=0,
protocol="-1", cidr_blocks=[""], security_group_id=sg.id)
ec2_instance = ec2.Instance("web-server",
tags = {"Name": "web"}
#  subnet_id = "subnet-03d7502aaa49932d8"
pulumi.export("public_ip", ec2_instance.public_ip)
OK, that all seems reasonable. Generally, folks will use a “getter” function to look up existing resources (like the default VPC and its subnets) and then use those values instead of hardcoding a subnet ID. However, it’s not clear to me if that’s required or just a best practice. Let me dig around a bit and see what I can find.