Hi, I Need to trigger a lambda using sns topic sub...
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Hi, I Need to trigger a lambda using sns topic subscription.
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var lambdaTopic = new Topic("TranscoderJobCompleteNotifyTopic");

var lambda=new Function(name, new FunctionArgs
            Handler = "app.handler",
            Role = notifierLambdaRole.Arn,
            Runtime = "nodejs18.x",
            Code = new FileArchive(pathToLambda),
            Timeout = 90,
            MemorySize = 384
var subscription=new TopicSubscription(name, new TopicSubscriptionArgs
            Topic = lambdaTopic.Arn,
            Protocol = "lambda",
            Endpoint = notifyFunction.Arn
        }, new CustomResourceOptions
            DependsOn = { lambda, lambdaTopic }
So i deployed the lambda and topic using above code.But after deployed that, i couldn't see subscription arn in lambda trigger console.In addition to that arn also incorrect in this console.Can you please tell me what is the issue in this?
Needs to be granted permission before it'll show in the console: https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/aws/api-docs/lambda/permission/
Thanks @dry-keyboard-94795 🙂