Today, I'm excited to share that we are launching ...
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Today, I'm excited to share that we are launching Pulumi ESC, a new product from Pulumi that manages and tames secrets and configuration complexity across all of your cloud infrastructure and application environments. p rocket Pulumi ESC introduces a new category of configuration-as-code product, motivated by our experience working with hundreds of Pulumi IaC customers to address their needs in managing secrets and configuration at scale within their Pulumi infrastructure and across other cloud applications and infrastructure projects. Pulumi ESC enables teams to aggregate secrets and configuration from many sources, manage hierarchical collections of configuration and secrets (“environments”), and consume those configuration and secrets from a variety of different infrastructure and application services. Pulumi ESC works hand-in-hand with Pulumi IaC to simplify configuration management, but also works independently from Pulumi IaC, as a solution for managing environments, secrets and configuration for any application or infrastructure project. For example, the Pulumi ESC CLI (
) makes it possible to give your developers immediate, just-in-time authenticated and short-lived access to cloud credentials across any cloud provider with just a single command:
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esc run aws-staging -- aws s3 ls.
Thanks 🙌 to everyone here who has shared feedback on Pulumi ESC over the last few months, and for all the feedback to date that helped motivate building this new feature. Looking forward to building Pulumi ESC with you from here! pulumi logo Join in the discussion at #esc. Learn more and/or help us to amplify the news at: • Blog: • Twitter/X: • LinkedIn:
You can get started with Pulumi ESC via: • The
CLI: • The Pulumi Cloud console's new support for managing environments with ESC: • The Pulumi ESC docs: • The Pulumi Cloud REST API: • The
And here's a short video overview of the new feature:
Thanks, Luke! This should work with other backend providers besides Pulumi Cloud, correct? I use GCS buckets as my backend provider.
@full-eve-52536 Pulumi ESC currently works only with Pulumi Cloud.
@white-balloon-205 @red-match-15116 @enough-architect-32336 @microscopic-florist-22719 @gorgeous-egg-16927 are all live answering questions on Reddit right now. Jump in if you have any questions.
Twitter Spaces on Pulumi ESC is now live