Hi, I'm trying to upgrade the `google-native` pac...
# google-cloud
Hi, I'm trying to upgrade the
package from version 0.18.0 to 0.31.1 and all of a sudden, pulumi wants to change the name of all my resources. Core parts of our infrastructure like static IP-address and k8s clusters are being updated or recreated. This triggers updates throughout the entire stack, even for non-google-native resources. Here's an example of a GlobalAddress being changed:
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~ google-native:compute/v1:GlobalAddress: (update)
  ~ name: "<redacted>-5afe1e3" => "<redacted>-dc52ead"
The only thing changing here is the name. The exact same thing is happening to our k8s cluster, nodepools etc. It seems like I can avoid all of this by adding the following option to each resource:
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but that doesn't seem like a good idea (but it helps isolate the issue for me). Anyone else who has experienced something similar? And knows how to approach it? Thankful for any help Erik
hmm, I managed to get around this by exporting the stack to file, manually adding
"__autonamed": true,
to the inputs for all resources, and then importing the stack again.
This all seems to be an issue when moving from version
. The earlier versions don't add the
flag, whereas the later versions require it (or perhaps end up rendering a different random suffix).