# google-cloud


10/13/2023, 12:30 PM
I have issue with Event Arc. I'm trying to create trigger for Firestore and when I use "EventDataContentType" field I'm getting error as below
error: gcp:eventarc/trigger:Trigger resource 'qpa-ev-new-cfg-created' has a problem: Invalid or unknown key. Examine values at 'Trigger.EventDataContentType'.
When I don't use it I'm getting as response from API
* Error updating Trigger: googleapi: Error 400: The request was invalid: invalid value for trigger.event_data_content_type: "" is not supported by this event type
I tried latest versions of GCP plugin and pulumi
I tried gcp native but it have other issue 😕
Importing eventarc with gpc classing does not include field EventDataContentType 😕 Like something is missing on even Terraform level?
It is there but like its not there:D
Can somebody help with that?