Could anyone review and apply this PR? I need to a...
# pulumiverse
Could anyone review and apply this PR? I need to add CEO of my company to help me with 2 pulumi providers we manage. @limited-rainbow-51650 @many-telephone-49025
The file content look good to me, not sure why your build is broken though!
Hm.. I'm just unlucky today 👀. Not this time then
Actually it's blocking me... @limited-rainbow-51650 could you please take a look?
I see the problem now. It uses secrets from my fork @many-telephone-49025 Could you please move my changes to your repo and create a PR? Or give me write permissions so I could create a PR inside of original repo?
let me check this but i need time
as i have to attend some meetings
Take your time. Thank you
@many-telephone-49025 A kind reminder. Could you please take a look?
@bulky-hamburger-30930 done -> @limited-rainbow-51650 and @busy-journalist-6936 please check the PR.
@limited-rainbow-51650 @many-telephone-49025 I see that the change was applied. But no result. loopingrage user is not even present in pulumiverse
@bulky-hamburger-30930 the change was applied correctly, but Jose should have received an invite email from Github which he hasn't accepted yet. Once accepted, he will show up nicely.
Ah.. Thank you
@limited-rainbow-51650 Could you please take a look on my CEO's permissions? I expected that he will be able to help me with my PRs but his approval does not mean anything. I usually happens when people have no enough access.
@many-telephone-49025 Could you please approve? Since my CEO's approval does not count 😞
@limited-rainbow-51650 I will create
to bypass branch protection rules. And when you have time we will fix permissions and return everything back. I just cannot wait days for review. I need to release features in hours.
@limited-rainbow-51650 do you have any time to look at my CEO's permissions? He approves PRs but his approval is not enough to merge.
@bulky-hamburger-30930 I have fixed José's membership to the zitadel provider. Every repository is configured to require a review from a code owner, but then Jose needs to be added to the
file in each repo. Can you create a PR for each, add
to this and assign it to me for review?