Hi! I'm trying out pulumi for the first time, and...
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Hi! I'm trying out pulumi for the first time, and I'm getting warnings that
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warning: using pulumi-resource-hcloud from $PATH at /nix/store/i1qr2irz3bqsdg6g5q68m6r2w23vjx32-pulumi-3.88.0/bin/pulumi-resource-hcloud
I want to understand 1. Why this situation is not desirable. 2. Why doing a
pulumi plugin install hcloud
doesn't eliminate the problem 3. What the idea is behind the env var
(which does remove the warning) 4. If there's a way to get rid of the warning without opting in to stack-local (if that's the right terminology) providers, since I would like to control the binaries from elsewhere, as I am right now.
Basically I want the inverse, ambient_plugins_are_ok, be quiet about it 😄
For now ignoring the ambient things seems to remove the warning, does seem a bit weird though.
This is probably a little different in Nix, but for most users, in the general case you want to use the plugins that pulumi installed itself. They’d be in
or similar, which is not on the PATH, but pulumi knows to look there. When a plugin is found on the path, that means - outside of Nix - that it was manually downloaded or copied. That can cause unintended behavior.
tells Pulumi to ignore these plugins on the PATH.
I see, that aligns more or less with my predictions. As the versions are locked in pulumi-land, I'm fine with using the env var. The warning was just a little non-actionable 🙂 Thanks for clarifying!