Hello, When using the Pulumi Automation API, I hav...
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Hello, When using the Pulumi Automation API, I have to create providers for Azure myself, providing it with the necessary information. However, Azure's provider requires a client secret that regularly expires, and you have to provide a new one (as it is not possible to create a long-lived secret). The issue I'm facing is that when updating old stacks, they seem to retain the old client secret and don't update it according to my program's configuration. New stacks, on the other hand, have the correct configuration as they create the provider afresh. How can I update a provider's configuration to resolve this issue? My Code for creating the azure provider looks like this
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var azureProvider = new AzureProvider("azure-provider", new Pulumi.AzureNative.ProviderArgs
	ClientId = subscription.ClientId,
	TenantId = subscription.TenantId,
	ClientSecret = subscription.ClientSecret,
	SubscriptionId = subscription.SubscriptionId,
	DisablePulumiPartnerId = true,