Hi, for no reason I can understand my `pulumi up` ...
# kubernetes
Hi, for no reason I can understand my
pulumi up
have stopped working. Now a legitimate diff is considered as a conflict... I don’t understand why. Any guess ?
I get
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* the Kubernetes API server reported that "default/private-api" failed to fully initialize or become live: Server-Side Apply field conflict detected
but the diff is very OK, just changing ID of image in my repo
@billions-postman-3362 a bugfix was shipped in pulumi-kubernetes 4.5.2 that may address your issue. Could you re-test and let us know?
@damp-airline-38442, to fix the issue I added in my resources that change on deploy the following annotation :
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annotations: {
                    '<http://pulumi.com/patchForce|pulumi.com/patchForce>': 'true',
the first
I did it killed almost everything in the stack using the resources, but after the second one everything was working well
@damp-airline-38442 Should I remove the annotations and try again with 4.5.2 ?