Anyone seen this error: ``` gcp:compute:Subnetwor...
# kubernetes
Anyone seen this error:
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gcp:compute:Subnetwork (subnetwork):
    error: 1 error occurred:
        * Cannot determine region: set in this resource, or set provider-level 'region' or 'zone'.
When trying to create a subnetwork? I’ve tried every which way to define the region or zone… Code is currently as follows:
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subnetwork, err := compute.NewSubnetwork(ctx, "subnetwork", &compute.SubnetworkArgs{
			IpCidrRange: pulumi.String(""),
			Network:     network.Name,
			Region:        pulumi.String("us-central1"),
		}, pulumi.DependsOn([]pulumi.Resource{network}))
Googled for hours, tried with Pulumi AI, chatgpt, but still no go.
Seems that if I run
gcloud config set compute/region [region]
then it works. Looks like there is something broken in the pulumi-gcp/sdk.