how am I supposed to install helms in an eks clust...
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how am I supposed to install helms in an eks cluster with pulumi? every method I try fails with this error which means the chart does not successfully get installed.
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warning: This resource contains Helm hooks that are not currently supported by Pulumi. The resource will be created, but any hooks will not be executed. Hooks support is tracked at <> -- This warning can be disabled by setting the PULUMI_K8S_SUPPRESS_HELM_HOOK_WARNINGS environment variable
sounds like you're using the
class instead of
Release Chart just applies the rendered yaml, but Release will give do an actual
helm install
so you get all of the helm features
I have tried both of these and get the same result, I'll double check on Release again tho
thanks for the suggestion!
oh I don't think I tried v3.Release. I have gotten burned by docs before not making it clear there are multiple versions.