Just checking in with a (hopefully) quick starter ...
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Just checking in with a (hopefully) quick starter question. I've got a simple AWS stack working with pulumi. I'm trying to plug in Ci/CD through Pulumi deployments. OIDC is working 100% (tested with
pulumi env open
as per docs). But I keep getting a permission denied error related to my profile. Locally, I run a non-default profile for this project, and so ran
pulumi config set aws:profile
. I did not expect that to propagate to the Ci/CD process. Is there a workaround? I'm guessing OIDC needs default profile to work?
exact error I see in "Deployments" is:
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error: rpc error: code = Unknown desc = unable to validate AWS credentials. 
Details: failed to get shared config profile, PROFILE_NAME
Make sure you have set your AWS region, e.g. `pulumi config set aws:region us-west-2`.
But with the actual profile name instead of PROFILE_NAME
You should avoid using Pulumi config for setting the profile name. As you've found out, it's tied to local setups. For local use, you can use the
environment variable
got it. Seems like a documentation thing ; https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/3567 is the top of page 1 on this. Thanks
(sorry for broken English. Doing 2 things at once)