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11/14/2023, 2:41 PM
Hi, currently attempting to get environment references working properly for an azure stack. From my understanding of the documentation, referencing as below should pull in the config at run time - but I get a missing property error. "error: azure-nativeresourcesResourceGroup resource 'resource-group' has a problem: missing required property 'location'. Either set it explicitly or configure it with 'pulumi config set azure-native:location value'." Config is defined in pulumi cloud as follows. Real variable values omitted.
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  "azure-native": {
    "location": "myloc"
  "azurePoc": {
    "errorDocument": "myerror.html"
  "environmentVariables": {
  "pulumiConfig": {
    "azure-native:location": "myloc",
    "azurePoc:errorDocument": "myerror.html",
    "azurePoc:indexDocument": "myindex.html",
    "azurePoc:path": "./www",
    "pulumi:template": "static-website-azure-python"
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